A blog dedicated to the greatest couple on '24', Jack Bauer & Chloe O'Brian, and the fantastic actor and actress who portray them, Kiefer Sutherland & Mary Lynn Rajskub.

(This is not a spoiler-free blog.)


Kiefer and Jon at Comic Con 2014

Comic Con 2014

Sutherland notes that the scene when Chloe tells Jack that her family was killed, “there were 2000 people in a park watching us. She looked at me and says, ‘I don’t know how to do this.’” He told her to internalize it, and she did cry, and then she told him after she cried because “‘I couldn’t believe 2000 people were sitting in a car watching us.’” 

What was Jack thinking at the end of LIVE ANOTHER DAY? “The fact that he managed to save Chloe gave him some satisfaction, and the fact that the day had been finished, that gave him satisfaction,” Sutherland says. 

He jokes Chloe has basically a halo around her, and he knows they can’t kill off Chloe…people would rather Jack die than Chloe. 


Mary Lynn Rajskub Makes Us Laugh | Jim Kerr Rock & Roll Morning Show on Q104.3

Director Jon Cassar wants to know what he should ask Kiefer on the ‘24’ Comic Con panel.
Go get some Jack & Chloe/Kiefer & Mary Lynn questions in there!
Here > https://twitter.com/joncassar/status/491670796012507136

'24' - Mary Lynn Rajskub

Michael Ausiello and Mary Lynn Rajskub of “24” banter at Comic-Con 2009

Anonymous said: Hi! Ive only got into chlack this year but have watched all the seasons over a few months and wondered what is your best chlack moment from all of them?

My favorite moment before this season was her running into his arms after he came to rescue her in season 5. But I now consider him giving himself up for her at the end of 24LAD the best chlack moment.

Anonymous said: thanks, i'll start watching now. i'm new to the fandom and haven't seen any fan stuff from season 3 so i thought there wasn't any. any recommendations?

Aww, you’ll see the birth of chlack ;) 

Season 3 basically sets up their relationship. You’ll see the first time Jack asks Chloe to break the rules. There’s also a bit of a tender/awkward moment in there as well. Mary Lynn’s first season as Chloe is the most hilarious by far. You will laugh a lot.

haveafeyntasticday said: Hi! I'm a huge Jack/Chloe shipper, have been for 8 years now! I was wondering if you had any idea what Chloe's tattooes are. It's for a post season 9 finale fic I am writing, but I can't have any details about her tattoes. Thank you! And the blog is awesome!

I do know a bit about them!

Chloe’s arm tattoos are a heart split in two with Morris and Prescott’s initials on them. The skull on her upper arm is made of computer code.

I wish I knew about the neck tattoo. I’m really curious about that one.

Can’t wait to read your fic!