A blog dedicated to the greatest couple on '24', Jack Bauer & Chloe O'Brian, and the fantastic actor and actress who portray them, Kiefer Sutherland & Mary Lynn Rajskub.

(This is not a spoiler-free blog.)

"The fact that people even think that’s a possibility is a huge compliment. That we see and feel that, in the way that they care about each other, but the fact that it can never go there, is great."

Mary Lynn Rajskub on Jack and Chloe being involved romantically


arm porn.

Mary Lynn at Kiefer’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, 2008

"Oh, the Beygency would totally come after me. I’m more like Kiefer in my musical taste. I listen to a lot more ‘70s music than Beyoncé."

Mary Lynn Rajskub on whether or not she’s a Beyonce fan

Me: If Jack and Chloe got married, would she take the name Bauer or do the hyphenated thing (O’Brian-Bauer)?

Mary Lynn: I like Brian O’Bauer!!! That’s funny